Uno & Dos CD reissue.

Uno & Dos is a collection of twenty four songs selected from Alex Diáloga's discography divided by twelve songs in each album. Initially released in 2015, Uno contains songs from the first four releases from 2001 through 2006.

Dos originally released in 2016 contains songs from his second through his fifth album and includes a re-recorded version of a track originally released on Alex's previous band (Villada) first record ¿¡Por Qué!? The track is called En Histeria and we can expect a video for this track by the end of the year.

Inside this CD collection you can find...

Beautiful artwork and lyrics for the songs found inside the booklet. This CD collection also contains most relevant tracks from Alex Diáloga such as:

  • Vientos De Rhodenia

  • Luna Testigo

  • El Grito

  • Greenwood Dancers' Reel

  • Cuando Se Olvida

  • The New World

  • Mechanical Feelings

  • Almagesto

  • And so much more!

Available in Compact Disc with worldwide shipping through the website's shop or in digital download and streaming.

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