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09/28: New vinyl record to be released next November.

November 20th will be the release date for the upcoming 2020 special edition of the 2003 critically aclaimed album Cuantica on vinyl. This record will contain nine songs out of the sixteen that originally came in the album. The 150 gr vinyl record is due to arrive at AD headqquarters for distribution the first week of November.  Pre-order starts on October 20th, 2020. Don´t miss out this unique item for your vinyl collection.

09/23: New editions for CDs Uno and Dos.

A second edition of the 2015 and 2016 realese Uno and Dos will be available at the new on line shop. This special collection of songs represent the first thirteen years of Alex Diáloga´s career. Songs from his albums Digital Paracelsiana, Cuántica, The Liquid Manifest, From Another World and the EP Sultana make a perfect playlist for an overall listen to Diáloga´s musical work. Don´t miss out the chance to hear the best selection of songs written and performed by Alex Diáloga so far. Available soon at the new on line shop.

09/04: New DVD to be recorded in 2021.

Plans for the recording of a live DVD by 2021 are being made. The recording might include footage from different live shows or a special recording in a yet to be disclosed venue. Such realese will go in hand with a brand new Alex Diáloga studio album. Pre production works will start by late January and we can expect the realese by the summer of 2021.

08/30: Happy Birthday Alex Diáloga!

Join us in wishing a very Happy Birthday to the man himself, Alex Diáloga!

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