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New Music Video!

12/20/2020 By: Webmaster

This past saturday, december 19th were the recording sessions for the new music video from Alex Diáloga's song En Histeria. The video is produced by ArmI Media Productions with a performance from dancer Sahira Barrios.


This is the first video from a series of upcoming videos that will be recorded for the celebration of the twentieth anniversary of the discographic career of Alex Diáloga.

Have you ever wondered if its possible to be in love with someone whom you have never met? What if this love is totally reciprocrated but from another timeline? The concept of this video narrates the relationship of two persons who are joined by their love and the desperation for not being able to find each other.

The song En Histeria appeared in the first record of Villada (Alex´s previous band) and was re-recorded to appear as the first track of the CD Dos.

The brand new video En Histeria will be launched next January 2021 on the You Tube channel.

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Cuantica: Special Edition 2020

12/13/2020 By: Webmaster

2021 will be the twentieth anniversary of Alex Diáloga's dicographic career and we are starting an early cellebration. This special edition of the critacally aclaimed album Cuántica contains nine specially re-mastered songs from the original sixteen that come in the CD version. It is a rare edition of only two hundred copies pressed.

You can get your copy through the site's on line shop and will be shipped to most of the countries worldwide. There will be also upcoming new videos to support the release of this special edition as also new re-issues of Alex Diáloga's discography. Please stay tuned to find out more.

In this edition you will find themes like: Cuántica, La Sombra, Simplicísimus, Cuando Se Olvida y El Grito.


Uno & Dos: CD reissues.

11/20/2020 By: Webmaster

Uno & Dos is a collection of twenty four songs selected from Alex Diáloga's discography divided by twelve songs in each album. Initially released in 2015, Uno contains songs from the first four releases from 2001 through 2006.

Dos originally released in 2016 contains songs from his second through his fifth album and includes a re-recorded version of a track originally released on Alex's previous band (Villada) first record ¿¡Por Qué!? The track is called En Histeria and we can expect a video for this track by the end of the year.

In this collection you will find songs such as: Digital Pop, Luna Testigo, Vientos De Rhodenia, Cuando Se Olvida, Greenwoods Dancers' Reel, Almagesto y ¡muchas más!

Available in Compact Disc with worldwide shipping through the website's on line shop or in digital download and streaming.