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Alex Diáloga starts as a musical concept in the year 1999. It is the stage name and solo proyect of musician, composer and multi-instrumentalist Alejandro Baquero.
His sound comes from combining electronic platforms with styles of progressive rock and orchestral music with hints of folk and ethnic.

"Alex Diáloga´s style is the fusion of digital and analog sounds with intellectual echoes from the past exploring new musical paths towards the future." 

Ronnie Saroff / Berklee Press


Tired of the constant instability and erratic behaviour of his previous bandsmates, Alex took inspiration from artists such as Jean-Michel Jarré, Mike Oldfield and Mexico´s own Jorge Reyes and generated a serious interest in electronic music tools such as synthesizers, sequencers, and recording and arranging software. He immediately recognized the incredible potential of such tools in order for him to be able to develop his own ideas and musical yearnings and thus write and perform his songs.

Hence the stage name: Diáloga.

Diá-lo-ga: The fusion of the words Digital and Analog (análoga in spanish), the way in which he writes and performs his music.


This interest gave him the oportunity to work as a testimonial for the italian music company and technology developer General Music. Being sponsored by the keyboard and work stations line GEM and the audio line LEM.

Alex Diáloga has toured the American continent and Europe and he is currently writing and performing on a regular basis.